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Buyin' a new pair of boots? Or lookin' at your worn out ones in the corner and thinkin' they need a better future? Doesn't matter. Smear on our smooth Iron Age mink oil for extra weather protection and custom care. Directions not included. Product specs: 100% pure mink oil in a 2 oz tin container with screw on lid. 

Directions for Use:

To Apply:

1. Grab a dry cloth and wipe down your Iron Age work boots.
2. Steal your wife’s hair dryer and warm the leather for a bit, to help with absorption.
3. Heat the Mink Oil and dab a cloth or sponge in it.
4. Rub your Iron Age work boots gently with the cloth/sponge until it starts melting into the leather.
(Hint: Take one section at a time, and repeat the whole process till the entire leather area is covered in oil.)
5. Wipe off any oil that has gotten on eyelets, laces, outsoles or midsoles.
6. Keep it dry all night, and you can give one more coating the next day if it’s still too dry.

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