External Met Guard Work Boots

Reviews - External Met Guard Boots

I work on exposed metal surfaces around 250 degrees. I usually pair these boots with a strong merino wool sock to fend off the heat, but not sure it is needed. My real story comes from a few weeks back. Calling a crane carrying a 1200 pound skip pan, the operator backs off the swing brake and the pan swings on top of the met guard of my boot. Not for one second will I claim I didn't feel it, but the met guard did its job! It absorbed and distributed the weight while some other members of my lift crew pushed slack in the pan so I could remove my foot. The guard came out with a cut in the leather and it busted a boot lace under the met guard. Pretty darn good considering. My foot came away without a bruise. Thank you more than you know Iron Age for a super product that a combination of a careless operator and an accident lead me to understand the quality behind your footwear. I thank you, my family thanks you and my crew. — Dallas Walsh — IA5017 Groundbreaker