Welding Work Boots

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Welding Boots for the Toughest Jobs

Built to Outlast the Blaze

Iron Age has been forging welder's work boots since the 1900s, with safety and grit woven into every stitch. Don't settle for welding shoes that can't take the heat. Our work boots feature Vibram® Heat Resistant Outsoles to face 4 digit surface temperatures head-on so you don't have to. Kevlar® Stitching creates flame retardant, self-extinguishing, and thermally stable seams, making our welding work boots dependable in the hottest conditions. It's the toughest stitching on the market - seriously.

Work Boots as Solid as Your Welds

Our composite and steel toe welding boots meet or exceed ASTM standards, providing uncompromising protection for the toughest jobs. Each pair comes with the protection you need against sparks, flames, and unexpected impacts. For those ultimate heavy-duty jobs, internal and external metatarsal guards offer an extra layer of defense. You'll also find work boots with electrical hazard protection, so your feet stay grounded on the most unpredictable job sites.