Steel Toe Work Boots

Reviews - Steel Toe Boots

This is my first pair of Iron Age boots and I am thoroughly impressed. I have the boots on for long days (over 8 hours) and they wear like a sneaker while providing the safety of a steel toe. It is hard to find that balance. They are also light weight and don't bog you down after several hours. I have a size 13 foot and this is something I come across regularly. In short, I highly recommend! — Clyde Harvey — IA5061 Reinforcer

First one lasted 2 1/2 years...on my second pair now. These have been the best steel toe work boots I have ever owned. I work as an emergency roadside field supervisor in Phoenix and because of how long these have held up makes them the benchmark for all other boots. — Devin Colon — IA5500 Backstop