Industrial Mechanic & Machinist Work Boots

Whether your machine cuts, stamps or bores, you need to be wearing the best work boots for protection and comfort. Good thing Iron Age makes work boots for men and women that step up to the challenge. Steel toe, comp toe, met guards… Iron Age makes the best work boots for mechanics and machinists.

Reviews - Mechanic & Machinist Boots

I am currently on my 4th pair of these boots. They take a beating and hold up in a machine shop 2 years at a time. I am on concrete, steel grating, and all kinds of metal chips. The chips don't embed in the soles of these boots. Coolant and oil don't faze these boots either. I am also limited on ankle flexibility. The zipper side makes these the only metatarsal protected boot I can get my size 14 wide feet into. Thanks for this. These really are the best value in work boots. — Chester Mason — IA0195 Hauler

They are great boots. I work in a forge/tool shop. I put lots of miles on in one shift. I walk thru oil, metal, shavings, ash, lubrication of different kinds, and outside weather. These boots have passed my test. I will stick with these boots, and Iron Age. — Michael Riley — IA0171 Immortalizer