Rubber Work Boots

Reviews - Rubber Work Boots

These things have lasted me years and protected my feet during 16 hour days of driving and stomping through concrete. I drive a mixer and we spend a lot of our lives with wet mud on our boots. These things dontt give a damn about wet mud. Every driver at work asked me about them and now they are all buying them too. — Lamar Brady — IA9650 Compound (mens)

I have had lots of trouble finding a boot that can hold up to my work demand. I am a concrete mixer driver and need super tough, plus water proofing that really works. This is the first boot ever that I have found that I truly like. I will be buying another pair very soon. Truly water proof, great construction, durability, very comfortable, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. — Rachel Steele — IA965 Compound (womens)