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Old School Tough Success

“I wore your boots when I was working for Texas foundries in Lufkin,Texas in the 90's. They were extremely comfortable and very tough. I was getting some castings out of an iron pan and the lift driver set it down on my feet. Then looked away and was jaw jacking with another operator. I was pinned down, it was a little tight but my feet were unscathed!! I proceeded to throw safety gear at him to get his attention and he turned pale white and lifted off me!! And I went back to work!! Good ol’ days!” - Stephen McBride, Woodsville, TX

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6/16/2018 12:40 PM
Hello! My name is José I'm 36 and I work at AAM in Iron Mountain Michigan, my job is to take off pieces of heavy equipment with a fresh brown that is red hot, and you need to have a good team to avoid lessons as they are good boots, why is there no time to cry, since those of the old school were not echos to mourn.