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Iron Age IA5240 Galvanizer

Iron Age IA5240 Galvanizer - 6" Internal Met Guard Work Boot with Spark Arrestor™ Fire Resistant Laces




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A workhorse of a boot with extreme durability, this metalworking boot eats sparks for breakfast and iron shavings for lunch. With metatarsal and heat protection, The Galvanizer stays cool and comfortable on your feet.

Tough Stuff

Iron Age Tough Work Boots meets ASTM F2413 Safety Standards
      • ASTM F2413
        Meets all standards for Safety Footwear. You Know, if That's Something You Care About.
        Tough Against Everything.

Iron Age Steel Toe Work Boots
      • Steel Toe
        It's Steel over your Toes. It's like Having Steel Toes. Because the Toe is Made out of Steel.
        Tough Against Heavy Objects.

Iron Age Work Boots CUSHGUARD Internal Met Guard Protection
      • CUSHGUARD™
        Extreme Impact Protection. The Harder it's Hit, the Harder it gets. Soft and Flexible when your Working, but Strong and Rigid when you need it to be.

Iron Age Electrical Hazard Protection
      • Electrical Hazard Protection
        Like A Second Skin. One That Protects You From Live Circuits and Wires.
        Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Work Boots with Scuff Tough Hi-Abrasion Heel and Toe Areas
      • Scuff Tough Hi-Abrasion Heel and Toe Areas
        Okay, it can be Scuffed, but it's really, really hard to do. So keep on Kicking.
        Tough Against Wear and Tear.

Iron Age Work Boots - Spark Arrestor Flame Resistant Laces
    • Spark Arrestor™
      Fire Resistant Laces. Flame On.

Designed Tough For

  • Industrial Mechanics and Machinists

  • Welders and Metal Workers

  • Heavy Equipment Operators

  • Pipefitters, Steamfitters and Plumbers

  • Utility Workers

Tough Against

  • Metal Chips and Shards

  • Heavy Falling or Rolling Objects

  • Sparks and Flames

  • Long Hours on Concrete Surfaces

Tough Measures

Slip: Tougher

Oil: Toughest

Metal Chips: Tougher

Heat: Tougher

Abrasion: Toughest

Chemicals: Toughest

Tough On

Iron Age Work Boots Review - Josh Jackson - Mason

Josh Jackson - Mason
"I normally wear Red Wings but I have for the first time tried these and they are holding up just the same and the price is better. I am a bricklayer, so they are constantly in the mud, mortar, sand, and dirt."

Iron Age Work Boots Reviews - Jason Osborne - Service Technician

Jason Osborne - Service Technician
"The soles stay together pretty good. We kick a lot of stuff with these boots, and I haven't ripped the soles off yet, which I usually do on other boots."