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Iron Age IA0130 Troweler

Iron Age IA0130 Troweler - 6" Waterproof SR Work Boot





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A Workhorse of a boot with extreme durability. Lace up a pair and take all comers – concrete, mud and mother nature. Whether on a ladder, in the trenches, navigating rocks or gravel, or on slick machinery, the Troweler will keep you level.

60 Days Guaranteed Tough

60 Days to Prove it to YouPut'em through the ringer for 2 months and if they don't hold up, exchange them for another pair.

Tough Stuff

Iron Age Tough Work Boots meets ASTM F2413 Safety Standards
    • ASTM F2413
      Meets all standards for Safety Footwear. You Know, if That's Something You Care About.
      Tough Against Everything.

Iron Age Composite Toe
    • Composite Toe
      Light and Non-Conductive to both Heat and Electricity. Sounds Good? Sounds Good.
      Tough Against Cold.
      Tough Against Heavy Objects.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Electrical Hazard Protection
    • Electrical Hazard Protection
      Like A Second Skin. One That Protects You From Live Circuits and Wires.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Work Boots - Slip Resistant Outsole
  • Slip Resistant Outsole
    Get a grip on even the slickest surfaces. A wide surface area gives you the traction you need to stay on your feet.

Iron Age Work Boots - Webstrike SR Lugs
    • Webstrike SR Lugs&tm;
      Performs devastatingly well indoors and outdoors. Sticks to rails and grates, and holds fast on concrete, rock and uneven ground.

Iron Age Work Boots - Shift Kicker Toe Guard
    • Shift Kicker&tm; Toe Guard
      The toughest we've ever made. Constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane with solid chemical/abrasion resistance and shear strenght.

Iron Age Work Boots - Bootbed™ Footbed Comfort Technology
  • Bootbed&tm;
    Removable insole constructed with open cell polyurethane and memory foam. It's like break time for your feet -- all the time.

Iron Age Work Boots - Latch Lugs™ for Ladder Work
  • Latch Lugs&tm;
    Stabilization for ladder work.

Iron Age Work Boots - Ladder Latch Defined Heel
  • Ladder Latch Defined Heel
    Helps Turn Ladders into Stairs. When your Boot Stands Up Straight, so will you.
    Tough Against Gravity.

Iron Age Hydrotex® Waterproof System
    • Hydrotex® Waterproof System
      Moisture Wicking Nylon gets Moisture Out. A Hydrotex® Waterproof Membrane Keeps it Out. All of it.
      Tough Against Water.

    • Ankle Guard
      Keeps sharp and heavy stuff from busting up your ankle bone.

    • Full Grain Leather Upper
      Only the Toughest Part of the Hide, so your Boots can be the Toughest Against Abrasion, Oils, and Chemicals.

Designed Tough For

  • Oil and Gas Workers

  • Construction Tradesmen

  • Concrete and Masons

  • Heavy Equipment Operators

  • Landscaping and Grounds

  • Pipefitters, Steamfitters and Plumbers

  • Utility Workers

Tough Against

Ladders and Scaffolding

  • Chemicals and Oils

  • Water and Mud

  • Slush and Snow

  • Oily and Slick Surfaces

Tough Measures

Slip: Toughest

Oil: Toughest

Metal Chips: Toughest

Heat: Tougher

Abrasion: Toughest

Chemicals: Toughest

Tough On

"Tough and comfortable....just a little heavy but Im' used to wearing soft toes, so to be expected.  They are holding up amazingly well in tough form oil and even around my welding projects." 
-Casey Rogers, Concrete Fabricator, Paragound, AR