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Haulin' Dirt with Iron Age Haulers

The crew at Keltner Excavation have been haulin' dirt for a long time all around Southwest Missouri.  They attack the ground, forming and molding it for impressive buildings and utilities, on a daily basis.  And they spend plenty of time in the ditch.  They are real tough on boots.  Recently, they've been testin' our Iron Age Hauler Work Boots.  They had never heard of the brand before, but they are big fans now!  "I kept 'em on 10 hours the first day without my feet hurtin'.  I've never had that with a boot," shared Buck Keltner, the owner of Keltner and 30-plus year excavator.  Get your pair of Haulers here and be tough like the Keltner crew:


Buck, Will, and Brett excavating and preparing a site with their Iron Age Haulers in Southwest Missouri.


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