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Tough In Concrete

Proud to be on the tough concrete workers at Wilbert Houston, forming concrete into submission daily with our Iron Age boots digging in and leveling the earth beneath them.  Check out their toughness below.

Galvanizers: Energizing Comfort and Innovative Top-of-Foot Protection

Old School Tough Success

“I wore your boots when I was working for Texas foundries in Lufkin,Texas in the 90's. They were extremely comfortable and very tough. I was getting some castings out of an iron pan and the lift driver set it down on my feet. Then looked away and was jaw jacking with another operator. I was pinned down, it was a little tight but my feet were unscathed!! I proceeded to throw safety gear at him to get his attention and he turned pale white and lifted off me!! And I went back to work!! Good ol’ days!” - Stephen McBride, Woodsville, TX

Layin' Some Brick

Iron Age supporting tough masons in our hometown of St. Louis at the SpeMix Bricklayer Regionals. Congrats to all for their tough performances.

14 Years and Kickin'

Take a look at some of our Old School Tough work boots, 14 years and still going strong on the feet of Fred Kaster through Atlantic Track's steel and aluminum plants. We're proud to be on the feet of tough, proud workers like Fred. Thanks for sharing, Fred. Be like Fred and get your pair here:


Learning Tough Trades

Iron Age is proud to be a key supporter of the ABC Illinois Construction Technology Cohort, funded by grants from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  Go to LEARNYOURTRADE.COM for more information on these awesome programs.  Congrats to the apprentices and we're proud that you'll be wearing our boots as you start your journeys.


Wesley Reichman's boots face a tough daily challenge: 8-12 hours of paint, chemicals, and concrete. He's now taking the high road with his internal met HIGH RIDGE Iron Age boots. "They last a really long time. These have held together when all my other shoes have fallen apart. The paint doesn't seem to be eating at these, so I'm real happy." We're happy that Wesley's happy. Take the high road and get tough versus paints and chemicals with some High Ridge Iron Age boots:



At Iron Age, we spend lots of time with the toughest workers in the nation - at their jobsites, factories, and plants.  We understand that they are the ones who know what they need in a tough boot.  So, we watch, listen, and design with their input, help, and testing - at every phase of our work boot development, including on how we can enhance our existing models.  We don't go in selling; we go in asking for them to challenge and criticize, in hopes that we continually improve our designs.  Today at McCann Concrete in Dorsey, Illinois, our prototypes were again challenged by some tough workers.  We do all of this so that any tough worker can rest assured that they are wearing a tough-tried boot, pounded and buffeted in harsh environments before we even go to production.

Learning and Listening at McCann Concrete

Haulin' Dirt with Iron Age Haulers

The crew at Keltner Excavation have been haulin' dirt for a long time all around Southwest Missouri.  They attack the ground, forming and molding it for impressive buildings and utilities, on a daily basis.  And they spend plenty of time in the ditch.  They are real tough on boots.  Recently, they've been testin' our Iron Age Hauler Work Boots.  They had never heard of the brand before, but they are big fans now!  "I kept 'em on 10 hours the first day without my feet hurtin'.  I've never had that with a boot," shared Buck Keltner, the owner of Keltner and 30-plus year excavator.  Get your pair of Haulers here and be tough like the Keltner crew:


Buck, Will, and Brett excavating and preparing a site with their Iron Age Haulers in Southwest Missouri.



The Show Me State showed off its tough and toughest future tradeworkers at the Missouri Skills USA Championship.  Iron Age Footwear was proud to be there to witness the competition, hear some inspirational words from the Governor, and be a Bronze sponsor.  Congrats to all of the winners!  


One of Missouri's Tough Future Welders and Proud Owner of the IRON AGE THERMOSHIELD

Governor Greitens motivating the competitors.