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Wesley Reichman's boots face a tough daily challenge: 8-12 hours of paint, chemicals, and concrete. He's now taking the high road with his internal met HIGH RIDGE Iron Age boots. "They last a really long time. These have held together when all my other shoes have fallen apart. The paint doesn't seem to be eating at these, so I'm real happy." We're happy that Wesley's happy. Take the high road and get tough versus paints and chemicals with some High Ridge Iron Age boots:



At Iron Age, we spend lots of time with the toughest workers in the nation - at their jobsites, factories, and plants.  We understand that they are the ones who know what they need in a tough boot.  So, we watch, listen, and design with their input, help, and testing - at every phase of our work boot development, including on how we can enhance our existing models.  We don't go in selling; we go in asking for them to challenge and criticize, in hopes that we continually improve our designs.  Today at McCann Concrete in Dorsey, Illinois, our prototypes were again challenged by some tough workers.  We do all of this so that any tough worker can rest assured that they are wearing a tough-tried boot, pounded and buffeted in harsh environments before we even go to production.

Learning and Listening at McCann Concrete

Haulin' Dirt with Iron Age Haulers

The crew at Keltner Excavation have been haulin' dirt for a long time all around Southwest Missouri.  They attack the ground, forming and molding it for impressive buildings and utilities, on a daily basis.  And they spend plenty of time in the ditch.  They are real tough on boots.  Recently, they've been testin' our Iron Age Hauler Work Boots.  They had never heard of the brand before, but they are big fans now!  "I kept 'em on 10 hours the first day without my feet hurtin'.  I've never had that with a boot," shared Buck Keltner, the owner of Keltner and 30-plus year excavator.  Get your pair of Haulers here and be tough like the Keltner crew:


Buck, Will, and Brett excavating and preparing a site with their Iron Age Haulers in Southwest Missouri.



The Show Me State showed off its tough and toughest future tradeworkers at the Missouri Skills USA Championship.  Iron Age Footwear was proud to be there to witness the competition, hear some inspirational words from the Governor, and be a Bronze sponsor.  Congrats to all of the winners!  


One of Missouri's Tough Future Welders and Proud Owner of the IRON AGE THERMOSHIELD

Governor Greitens motivating the competitors.


Greenville, SC Tough

Iron Age Footwear is proud to be partnering with Skills USA South Carolina to reward and encourage future OLD SCHOOL TOUGH tradesworkers.  Look at these tough students in action - the toughest from the Palmetto State competing it out in Greenville this weekend.  Electricians



It seems like the TOUGHEST workers that we meet are the ones that at one time or another didn't wear protective-toe boots, and then there was that toe-impactful event that has now become part of their lore.  And now, all of 'em wear boots that take the toughest impact.  Hey, tough doesn't equal stupid.

Don't be stupid.  Get a pair of TOUGH protective-toe boots here:

Watch them being tested below:




Josh Jackson is TOUGH.  Along with mason tender Greg Jackson, Josh (Jackson Masonry in Edwardsville, IL) competed hard in his first appearance in the national chamionship of world bricklayers in Las Vegas this January.  And Iron Age was right there, proud to compete with him.  Josh, in his Hauler IA0160 boots, competed valiantly and will surely be back to take another shot at the title of World's Best Bricklayer at the World of Concrete 2018.  Josh made it to the finals by winning the Missouri Regional qualifier, winning in a field of 10 of the region's best brickmasons.   He's been a bricklayer for 13 years, studying the craft under his father.  See Josh and his IA0160 Haulers in action below.  Get a tough pair of these Hauler work boots here:



3-7-2017: Forged for the forge, so that you can always keep your feet.  Successfully dip-tested in the harshest conditions including a Coldwater, Michigan smelter in 1273 degree molten aluminum.  If that's not enough for you, nothin' is.

Developed alongside some of the toughest smelters in the world, the new Iron Age Thermoshield is truly forged for the hottest of forges.  Get your pair here:



Steadfast: Tried and True Toughness

2-28-2017: Jake Hursey knows about toughness. He and his colleagues at Stocker Concrete own the ground daily - digging, excavating, casting, and forming rock, sand, and gravel in the brutal Ohio weather. Jake relies on Iron Age Steadfast boots for his tough work. "They've held up...really good waterproof and plenty warm, which is important in all of this mud and gravel, especially in winter." We are proud to hit back against the tough ground with Jake and the Stocker crew.


If you want to get a pair of these tried and true insulated, waterproof boots, ORDER HERE.



-Jake Hursey, Caster and Machine Operator, in his Steadfast Iron Age Boots

Stocker Concrete, Gnadenhutten, OH



Iron Age Proud of ABC Illinois Apprenticeship Grads

2-21-2017: Iron Age Footwear was very proud to celebrate and sponsor 13 ABC Illinois Apprenticeship Graduates last week in Chicago.  Future electricians, construction laborers, and heavy equipment operators, these tough graduates have a bright future.  Iron Age is proud to be associated with ABC Illinois and this awesome program, and we are are honored that these graduates will be starting their trade journeys in our Iron Age boots so that we can journey with them every step - literally.