Iron Age IA507 Trencher

Iron Age IA507 Trencher - Women's 6" Work Boot




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Power Lines? Water? Frigid Cold? Sweltering Heat? You know the difference between problems and inconveniences. We've made these to deal with those inconveniences, so you don't run into any problems.

Tough Stuff

Iron Age Tough Work Boots meets ASTM F2413 Safety Standards
    • ASTM F2413
      Meets all standards for Safety Footwear. You Know, if That's Something You Care About.
      Tough Against Everything.

Iron Age Composite Toe
    • Composite Toe
      Light and Non-Conductive to both Heat and Electricity. Sounds Good? Sounds Good.
      Tough Against Cold.
      Tough Against Heavy Objects.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Electrical Hazard Protection
    • Electrical Hazard Protection
      Like A Second Skin. One That Protects You From Live Circuits and Wires.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age No Metal Boot Construction
    • No Metal
      Complete Toughness Against Anything Conductive.
      Tough Against Electricity.

  • Padded Collar
    Take it Off-Road with our Padded Collar that Gives Extra Support Right where your Ankle needs it.
    Tough Against Rough Terrain.

  • EVA Cushion Footbed
    Removable EVA Cushioning with a Spongey Rubber Heel. Makes even the Toughest Work Sites feel like a Walk in the Park.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
    Only the Toughest Part of the Hide, so your Boots can be the Toughest Against Abrasion, Oils, and Chemicals.

  • Shank Type: Non-Metallic Rigid Nylon

Designed Tough For

  • Pipefitters, Steamfitters and Plumbers

  • Landscaping and Grounds

  • Electricians

  • Utility Workers

  • Industrial Mechanics and Machinists

Tough Against

  • Uneven Surfaces

  • Electrical Hazards

  • Wet and Mud

  • Oily and Slick Surfaces

  • Metal Shards

Tough Measures

Slip: Tougher

Oil: Tougher

Metal Chips: Tougher

Heat: Tougher

Abrasion: Tougher

Chemicals: Tougher

Tough On

Iron Age Work Boot Review - Bryan Heil - Storage & Transportation

Bryan Heil - Storage & Transportation
"They keep my feet warm 'cause it's really cold outside here in the warehouse. They're super comfortable, as comfortable as wearing tennis shoes."