Iron Age IA0120-1 Thermo Shield

8" Smelter's Boot with Poron® XRD® Internal Met Guard





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Forged for the forge, so you can always keep your feet in all kinds of heat. Dip-tested in 1273° degree molten aluminum in Michigan and Ontario Smelters. If that's not enough for you, nothing is.

Tough Stuff

Iron Age Tough Work Boots meets ASTM F2413 Safety Standards
    • ASTM F2413
      Meets all standards for Safety Footwear. You Know, if That's Something You Care About.
      Tough Against Everything.

Iron Age Composite Toe
    • Composite Toe
      Light and Non-Conductive to both Heat and Electricity. Sounds Good? Sounds Good.
      Tough Against Cold.
      Tough Against Heavy Objects.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Electrical Hazard Protection
    • Electrical Hazard Protection
      Like A Second Skin. One That Protects You From Live Circuits and Wires.
      Tough Against Electricity.

Iron Age Work Boots with Poron® XRD® Internal Met Guard Protection
    • Poron® XRD® Internal Met Guard
      Extreme Impact Protection. The Harder it's Hit, the Harder it gets. Soft and Flexible when your Working, but Strong and Rigid when you need it to be.

    • Vibram™ Alpha TCY Heat Resistant Outsole
      Takes 4 Digit Surface Heat so you don't have to
      Tough Against Hot Surfaces.

Iron Age Work Boots with Scuff Tough Hi-Abrasion Heel and Toe Areas
    • Scuff Tough Hi-Abrasion Heel and Toe Areas
      Okay, it can be Scuffed, but it's really, really hard to do. So keep on Kicking.
      Tough Against Wear and Tear.

  • Dri-Lex Zig Zag Lining
    Evaporates Sweat from your Feet to the Outside of the Boot, like a Breath of Fresh Air while you Work.
    Tough Against Heat.

  • Dual-Layered Strong Memory Foam Footbed
    Let's your Feet Breathe Easy, with Anti-Odor Technology and Memory Foam Comfort.
    Tough Against Odor.
    Tough Against Pain.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
    Only the Toughest Part of the Hide, so your Boots can be the Toughest Against Abrasion, Oils, and Chemicals.

  • Shank Type: Steel

Designed Tough For

  • Smelters

  • Welders and Metal Workers

  • Construction Tradesmen

Tough Against

  • Molten Metals

  • Oily and Slick Surfaces

  • Metal Chips and Shards

  • Heavy Falling or Rolling Objects

Tough Measures

Slip: Toughest

Oil: Toughest

Metal Chips: Toughest

Heat: Toughest

Abrasion: Toughest

Chemicals: Toughest

Tough On

Awesome Boots - Michael Miller, Elgin, TX
 "These are awesome boots.  Rugged, comfortable...I work in an environment that is hard on boots, scuffs, weld slang, weld splatter, grinding sparks, and shavings.  I have no doubt these boots will last a long time.  Also, thanks to Iron Age for supporting Skills USA."
Nothing But Good - Tucker Mobbs, Welding and Sheet Metal, Cedartown, GA 
"Nothing but good, they are very comfortable and have held up to my expectations."
Well-Made - Lindsey, Construction Worker, Corydon, IN 
"They were a little big, but I've experienced that with steel toes before.  Over all, they are really well-made and are beautiful boots."
Stands out from the rest. - Ironworker
"As an Ironworker, my boots have to be tough and comfortable all day. These boots were the answer. They are perfect for walking the steel, offer top notch protection and are comfortable from dawn till dusk."
Smelter Rated - Matthew, Metal Furnaces, Boston, MA
"We use these boots because it meets our furnace work needs.  The boot squeaks a little while walking, but overall, a very good boot at great price."
Michael Miller, Welder
"These are some awesome boots.  Rugged, comfortable.  I work in an environment that is hard no boots, scuffs, weld slang, weld spatter, grinding sparks, and metal shavings.  I have no doubt these boots will last a long time.  I would also like to thank Iron Age for its support of Skills USA."
Iron Age Work Boots Review - Alex Delatorre - Welder

Alex Delatorre - Welder
"Never been into lace-ups before, but I'm liking these. The feel like sneakers. They're also fairly tall so the sparks don't catch you. I've had that happen before, and it hurts."

Iron Age Work Boots Review - James Smith - Machinist

James Smith - Machinist
"Definitely keep your feet warm, that's for sure. Comfortable when you bend over and they don't pinch your toes at all."