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Josh Jackson is TOUGH.  Along with mason tender Greg Jackson, Josh (Jackson Masonry in Edwardsville, IL) competed hard in his first appearance in the national chamionship of world bricklayers in Las Vegas this January.  And Iron Age was right there, proud to compete with him.  Josh, in his Hauler IA0160 boots, competed valiantly and will surely be back to take another shot at the title of World's Best Bricklayer at the World of Concrete 2018.  Josh made it to the finals by winning the Missouri Regional qualifier, winning in a field of 10 of the region's best brickmasons.   He's been a bricklayer for 13 years, studying the craft under his father.  See Josh and his IA0160 Haulers in action below.  Get a tough pair of these Hauler work boots here: